The Doctor Spot patient

As June closes and July begins, the medical outreach of The Doctor Spot supported by The LifeSavers Foundation is well on the way into its second year of serving the Dallas community.

Over the past year, this new mobile medical unit served over 1600 children ages 0-18 throughout different communities in Dallas. Whether it was north, south, east, or west, the Doctor Spot and its team of caring healthcare professionals made rounds to help any child they could find who was in need.

This year, the team partnered with different community locations, like the Mesa Ridge Apartment complex, to provide care to local residents. They also came on campus to various elementary, middle, and high schools to set students up for success by giving care during school hours or coming in before the year started, like at Mesquite High School to be a part of the Back to School Fair. Lastly, along with The LifeSavers Foundation, they were in attendance at Operation Care International’s annual Christmas Gift Outreach event providing pediatric medical care.

Moving forward, the only direction this life-saving team wants to go is up. With a new year ahead and hundreds of more people finding out about The Doctor Spot, they’ll want to make sure they can sustain this valuable Dallas charity program and continue to grow to meet the outreach need.

This is where you come in.

Although it’s a fairly new concept, mobile medical units have been proven to significantly help communities in various major cities like Memphis, Miami, Houston and San Antonio, and the Dallas communities reached by The Doctor Spot have found the same. However, there are over 675,000 children living in the Dallas area and about 25% live under the poverty line. The Doctor Spot can only continue to grow as long as people like you get involved.

If your neighbor is in need, point them in direction of the mobile medical unit before things are so bad that they have to go to the ER. The daily location changes but a monthly schedule can always be found on the website and day or week of updates can be found on the Doctor Spot Facebook page.

As for your personal involvement, the easiest thing to do is simply donate finances here. If you have some extra time on your hands, consider volunteering at The LifeSavers Foundation Richardson Upscale Resale Store, where the profits help fund The Doctor Spot and many other charity projects around Dallas. Lastly, if you want to do some late spring cleaning, bring any gently used clothes and goods down to the store or call if you need a furniture pickup. It might not be the thrift store or upscale resale store nearest to you but it is certainly one worth driving the extra miles.

Of course, the help is not limited to this list. If you have any ideas or other means of support, call, email, or stay connected by leaving a note on The Doctor Spot Facebook Page or The LifeSavers Foundation Facebook page.

Thanks for a great first year Dallas, we’re proud of you for making a difference by supporting The Doctor Spot.