The LifeSavers Foundation

The LifeSavers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that rescues people in crisis through its free mobile medical mission projects for women and children and the community-at-large with goods from its resale store.


The LifeSavers Foundation – The Doctor Spot and Mobile Sonogram Unit Video “THE DOCTOR SPOT? WHAT’S A DOCTOR SPOT?” When kids can’t go to the doctor, they can go to The Doctor Spot. That’s the idea behind The Doctor Spot, a mobile medical unit

Livestream video originally aired at 11:30 am – 10/19/20 The LifeSavers Foundation – The Doctor Spot and Mobile Sonogram Unit Video LSF’s Fall Event in 2020 is a luncheon at the beautiful Dallas

The LifeSavers Foundation owns and operates the Upscale Resale Store at 561 W. Campbell Road, Suite 101, Richardson, TX 75080 Upscale Resale is a thrift store that assists in the fulfillment of

Ways you can help Lifesavers Foundation

The LifeSavers Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Since its inception, The LifeSavers Foundation has:

  • Assisted over 13,700 clients through the voucher program at the resale store (free diapers, baby items, portable cribs, clothing, and car seats)

  • Donated over $800,000 worth of merchandise to single parents and families in crisis

  • Provided sonograms and pregnancy tests to over 6,050 clients through the mobile sonogram program

  • Provided over 30,600 meals to hungry families (We continue to provide meals and snack bags at the resale store to moms and their children, and on the Doctor Spot to kids who receive medical services on board) During Covid, this has been expanded!

  • Offered medical services to over 6,425 children through The Doctor Spot pediatric mobile clinic since September of 2016

The LifeSavers Foundation is a faith-based approach to health and well-being for those in crisis through The Doctor Spot and Upscale Resale Store in Richardson, TX.

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