Upscale Resale is more than just a thrift shop store. It’s the central hub of everything we do at LifeSavers Foundation to support women and children in our community.

We strive to make Upscale Resale a fun and exciting place to shop. The store is full of one-of-a-kind finds for a great price, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. But there’s much more to Upscale Resale than meets the eye.

The store is part of a more extensive system that provides strategic support and care to:

  • Women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.
  • New mothers and their babies.
  • Children and families who need basic medical care.

Please keep reading to learn a few things you might not know about Upscale Resale and our larger mission.

The money you spend at Upscale Resale goes back to an important cause.

Upscale Resale is operated by the LifeSavers Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women and children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The revenue from Upscale Resale supports LifeSavers’ essential programs and services, including:

  • The Doctor Spot, a mobile clinic that brings healthcare services to children and families throughout the community. The Doctor Spot performs well visits, sports physicals, and sick checks, administers immunizations, and more. Our mobile clinic travels to specific locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to care for people who might otherwise have a hard time getting to the doctor.
  • The mobile sonogram unit, a second mobile clinic that provides free sonograms, pregnancy tests, and support for women.
  • Baby supplies for new mothers. Women can take parenting and childcare classes to earn vouchers that they can redeem for free diapers, car seats, and other important items they might need for their new baby. All of these supplies are picked up at Upscale Resale.

The people we serve come back to become patrons.

LifeSavers has been supporting women experiencing unexpected pregnancies since 2004. We’ve provided care, guidance, and supplies for hundreds of women over the years, often when they’re feeling overwhelmed or afraid.

Many of the women we’ve supported are now regular shoppers at Upscale Resale. They have families, well-rounded lives, and successful careers, and they contribute meaningfully to their community. Some are prominent leaders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They can afford to shop wherever they want, but they choose to spend their money at Upscale Resale. They want to support the program that has provided for them during an uncertain season of life. That pay-it-forward spirit is incredibly moving.

We do everything we can to prevent items donated to Upscale Resale from going to waste.

Upscale Resale relies on generous donations of clothing, home decor, and other items to earn money for our programs. We curate a thoughtful selection of items to ensure a great shopping experience. A volunteer goes through every item to determine whether it’s the right fit for the store.

If something isn’t quite right for the store, there are a few options we might consider:

  • First, some clothing is sent to another donation center.
  • Some clothing is sent overseas for people living in underprivileged parts of the world.
  • Finally, some clothing is recycled into construction materials.

Everything is responsibly handled and thoughtfully considered to minimize waste and honor the generous donations of our supporters.

Shopping at Upscale Resale connects you to a larger mission and hundreds of people in your community. So check out our store hours and swing by to peruse the racks and say hello.