Thank you for joining LSF’s Fall Event on October 19. It was a luncheon and boutique at the beautiful Dallas Country Club. Since the Foundation was unable to have its Annual Spring Luncheon in April, Fall was the perfect time to host a luncheon.

Featured speaker was Kelly Shackelford, Esq., President and CEO of First Liberty Institute.

Livestream video originally aired at 11:30 am – 10/19/20

Thank you for joining The LifeSavers Foundation for our first Livestream Event on May 11, 2020 at 11 A.M.

We learned more about how The LifeSavers Foundation is serving North Texans in crisis and listened to an engaging talk from Allie Stuckey. Your attendance and support is helping keep the medical mobile mission, The Doctor Spot, running to medically underserved neighborhoods in the Dallas area.

The LifeSavers Foundation Spring Luncheon

Livestream Event – May 11, 2020 starting at 11:00 A.M. Central.

Allie Stuckey is the host of the podcast, “Relatable”, where she breaks down the latest in culture, news and politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. She is a frequent guest on Fox News, writer and the author of a book to be released in the spring of 2020. In 2015, Allie began speaking to college sororities about the importance of voting. What started out as a hobby soon turned into a full-time career, with her blog “The Conservative Millennial” launching her into the political media sphere. Today, in addition to podcasting, writing, and making the occasional satirical video, Allie speaks to colleges and organizations about the importance of conservative values.

Join The LifeSavers Foundation here on May 11 at 11:00 A.M. for a one-hour Livestream event that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can expect to learn more about how The LifeSavers Foundation is serving North Texans in crisis and listen to an engaging talk from Allie Stuckey. Your attendance and support will help keep the medical mobile mission, The Doctor Spot, running to medically underserved neighborhoods in the Dallas area.

Thank you for your support and attending The LifeSavers Foundation events. This helps serve people in crisis through its free mobile medical mission, The Doctor Spot and Upscale Resale Store, a thrift store in Richardson, TX.

Thank you for joining us Sunday, November 3rd, as we welcomed former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, as keynote speaker at the LifeSavers Fall Event, hosted by Mark Davis of 660AM The Answer. Mr. Gowdy announced his retirement from politics in January of 2018 after serving four terms as SC Congressional Representative. He closed this chapter of his career with a flawless record in the courtroom and was undefeated in political races. He’s since returned to South Carolina to practice law, teach, and speak passionately on issues related to law and justice.

This event was informative and inspirational. Thank you for your support.

The LifeSavers Foundation hosts a variety of events throughout the year. The purpose is to support women in need and raise funds for The Doctor Spot. The Doctor Spot is a ‘hot’ spot for medical services for children in underserved Dallas County communities.

Thank you to all who attended and sponsored our Annual Spring Luncheon & Boutique on April 8, 2019. Lauren Scruggs Kennedy was our keynote speaker at the luncheon.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is an American fashion journalist, blogger, and author. She received international media attention after an incident in which Scruggs walked into an airplane’s spinning propeller. We look forward to hearing her beautiful, heart-felt testimony and how she overcame the life-altering event.

LifeSavers Foundation has been ministering to underserved women, children and families in the Dallas area. Your sponsorship helped LifeSavers Foundation continue to provide and expand services to the neediest children in our local communities.
The board of LifeSavers Foundation is thankful for your help creating an exciting spring event!
Barbara Boren, CEO

Thank you for attending The LifeSavers Foundation Fall fundraiser featuring The Honorable Newt Gingrich, supporting The Doctor Spot, a mobile pediatric clinic. The medical outreach of The Doctor Spot is well on the way into its second year serving the Dallas community.

An intellectually fearless visionary and historian, Newt Gingrich is one of the foremost economic, social, political and security-focused conservative thinkers alive today.

Thank you for joining us at An Evening with Jason Witten

In 14 NFL seasons, he is one of the top tight ends in NFL history and is the leading pass-catcher in the illustrious history of the Dallas Cowboys.

Lifesavers Foundation is changing the course of children’s health in the Dallas community with its mobile pediatric clinic, THE DOCTOR SPOT. The purpose of The Doctor Spot is to provide free basic medical services to the uninsured and Medicaid enrolled Dallas County children ages 0-18 IN THEIR neighborhoods, keeping them from waiting for an extended period of time in the Emergency Department at a cost of $1,233.00 per visit. Since September of 2016, it has offered services to more than 700 Dallas County children at an average cost of $305.00 per patient.

The board of Lifesavers Foundation thanks you for attending and sponsoring their fall event!

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