The Lifesavers Foundation is a faith based approach to health and well being for women in need and young children through The Doctor Spot and Upscale Resale Store in Richardson, TX. The LifeSavers Foundation is a non profit organization which exists to empower and assist those in crisis.

The LifeSavers Foundation (“LSF”), headquartered in Richardson, Texas, was formed in 2002 by a group of women who were united in their vision to assist underserved women and teens who are facing unplanned pregnancies and who are without resources. LSF initially raised funds via an annual luncheon to purchase hard goods for these women. In late 2003, LSF expanded its scope of clients and source of funds by opening a resale store to fund its program in addition to its annual fundraiser. The first resale store ultimately became a reality in October of 2004 with a small 2,100 square foot store in Richardson that was moved 10 months later to a 7,500 square foot facility in the same area. A second, 8,600 square foot store in Irving opened its doors in 2009. LSF provides car seats, Pack ‘N Plays, diapers and clothing items to clients of local crisis pregnancy centers and other non-profit affiliations on an ongoing basis through a voucher system. Other beneficiaries include women attempting to leave sexually oriented businesses, children from abusive homes in child services care, and children with mental health issues. LSF also provides clothing and furniture items to individuals who are suffering immediate crises such as losses by fire, destitution, physical and sexual abuse, and immigrant status through the inventory located in the stores.

In February 2009, the Foundation began the operation of its new program, Community Mobile Sonogram (“CMS”). This program provides free pregnancy testing and sonograms to underserved women and teens and is a joint collaboration between Prestonwood Pregnancy Center (“PPC”) and LSF.

In addition, LifeSavers Foundation helps equip The Doctor Spot.

When kids can’t go to the doctor, they can go to The Doctor Spot.

That’s the idea behind The Doctor Spot, a mobile pediatric clinic providing basic medical services for kids in some of Dallas County’s most medically underserved neighborhoods.

The clinic will travel around the Dallas area to strategic sites such as elementary schools. The goal is to provide care on a routine basis in order to keep our community in good health.

The clinic will be staffed with a Nurse Practitioner and a Medical Assistant. It will offer sick checks and preventive care, including immunizations, athletic exams and obesity screenings–the services that kids need to be healthy and thrive both at home and in the classroom.

Since its inception, the LifeSavers Foundation has been able to:

  • Assist over 9,000 clients through the voucher system at the resale store
  • Donate over $500,000 worth of merchandise to needy single parents and families
  • Assist over 500 women leaving the sex trade
  • Provide sonograms and pregnancy tests to over 4,000 clients through the Community Mobile Sonogram
  • Provide over 26,000 meals to hungry families
  • Sell millions of dollars in discounted items at the resale store

The LifeSavers Foundation is a faith based approach to health and well being for expectant mothers and young children, through The Doctor Spot and Upscale Resale Store in Richardson, TX.

Please consider a donation today.

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