christmas, holidays, family, childhood and people concept - happy mother and little girl in santa hats opening gift box at homeJoin board members and friends for a light, casual lunch starting at 11:30 am on Dec. 3rd at Upscale Resale (Richardson, TX).


Please bring an unwrapped toy to be given away to LifeSavers Foudation’s clients later in December. 

While you’re there, come see The Doctor Spot. What’s The Doctor Spot?

The Doctor’s Spot – Tell Us Where It Hurts And We’ll Be There

​I am a place where on community’s greatest need meets another community’s greatest asset, but I’m never in the same place two days in a row.

I’m the vehicle that brings top-notch healthcare to the center of the need more effectively than all the legislation in the world.

I can turn a scared, sick child back into a happy, healthy one and turn a frustrated, despairing parent into a picture of pride and relief.

For a medical professional, I’m the difference between wondering if you’re making a difference and wondering at the amazing difference you’ve made.

Upscale Resale
Upscale Resale is a non-profit resale store assisting expectant mothers in the fulfillment of The LifeSavers Foundation’s Mission Statement: To empower and assist those in crisis. In addition to participating in a voucher system for individuals in crisis, Upscale Resale offers new and gently used merchandise to the public at a reasonable price.

Upscale Resale store location:
561 W. Campbell
Suite 101
Richardson, TX 75080